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Ages my kids have loved it: 3-5 and counting
Why: We use this as a reward and it’s been a huge hit. Pre-reading, i work through the 5-minute lesson with them, but they get to hear Spanish sentences and learn some basic vocabulary. Post-reading, they get to form sentences and practice translation. I really love this app! I wish there was a dedicated kid version that had a lot more pictures associated with the words, but we are loving this in its current form too!

Geo Touch

Ages my kids have loved it: 5 and counting
Why: It uses simple interactivity and a lot of repetition to teach the location on a map of states and countries as well as associating capital cities. It was fun to watch my child learn where California, Florida, Maine, New Mexico, Montana, Michigan, Tennessee and so many other states were located after just a couple days of ‘playing’.

Dragonbox – Algebra 5+

Ages my kids have loved it: 5 and counting
Why: This app builds algebra logic without being explicit or boring. Kids learn that their goal is to isolate the box on one side of the screen. Later the ‘box’ becomes the letter ‘x’ and the functionality builds, even getting into fractions. I’m a big fan of kids getting exposure to ideas years ahead of when they have to formally learn them, and this app does a great job of doing that.

Dragonbox – Elements

Ages my kids have loved it: 5 and counting
Why: Like their Algebra 5+ app described above, Dragonbox’s Elements makes learning math logic super fun! Under the framework of building an army to defeat a throng of spiders, kids build all kinds of shapes (Scalene, Isosceles, and Equilateral triangles, Quadrilaterals, Trapzoid, Rhombus) and learn about angles and their properties. It’s so fun that I find it difficult not to take over. I’m a huge fan.


Ages my kids have loved it: 3-5 and counting
Why: This app combines fun letter tracing with prompts to show the order in which the lines should be drawn, broken up with stars and an object search game that moves the student on to the next section. I like that they have settings that allow alternate formation of certain letters.


Pocket Anatomy

Why: This app looks like a great way to explore the human body. Also available: Pocket Brain and Pocket Heart